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More and more industries are requiring the production of Safety Cases for any system whose failure could lead to injury or death. Different industry sectors typically have their own requirements for the format of safety cases, but in essence the aim of each is to encapsulate arguments and evidence demonstrating that the system meets relevant requirements and is adequately safe.


We are experienced in providing and advising on Safety Cases in the Military, Civil Aviation, Nuclear and Railways industries. These Safety Cases have ranged from systems providing functionality at the lowest safety integrity levels (SIL 1 or 2) to systems at the highest safety criticality (SIL 4). The Safety Cases may be partial and relate to a specific aspect of a system, for example embedded software, or they may encompass all aspects of systems, including safety management, and operation and maintenance issues.


Our aim is always to provide a concise and readable document with reference out to more detailed evidence and arguments. In such a way we aim to provide a cost-effective service to large and small companies alike and to minimise the potentially large overhead of demonstrating adequate safety to a regulatory authority.


Safety Cases

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