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A number of regulators and liscensing authorities, require an Independent Assessment to be performed on safety related systems. The aim of such an assessment is to determine whether the system has met the relevant safety requirements and achieved the appropriate level of safety. Often, depending on the safety integrity level, the procurer requires the supplier to appoint a fully independent third party to perform the assessment.


PTL has acted as the ISA in the defence industry and PTL personnel are experienced in assessing systems for conformance to regulatory requirements across a range of industries and at all levels of safety integrity. PTL personnel have been extensively involved in the conduct of Independent Technical Evaluation of military aircraft and their systems, in particular Typhoon, against the requirements of the UK Military Aviation Authority Regulatory Articles. As a fully independent company, PTL is able to act as an Independent Safety Assessor without any risk of conflict of interest. Our extensive experience in software safety issues makes us particularly suited to the assessment role on systems containing software.


The scope of the safety assessment activities typically encompasses audits of the development processes, reviews of safety cases and supporting analyses, and reviews of documentation and assurance evidence, for example test and verification and validation results.


Independent Safety Assessment

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