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Successful tendering against tight specification, budgets and timescales almost invariably requires intensive work by a highly skilled team. However, often the right staff are not available in-house in the precise period required. On the other side of the procurement process, the evaluation of bids may also necessitate skills and effort that are not available in-house. The use of a company such as PTL to assist in these activities allows the provision of additional resources at peak periods and enables the use of specialist skills that a company may not need full time.


We have provided procurement support on both sides of the procurement process, often in relation to very large projects, in both the UK and for overseas clients. Specifically our services in this area include:


     - Technical and commercial tender preparation on behalf of bidders.


     - 'Red-teaming' to audit bids before submission.


     - Competitor analysis to enable the tenderer to differentiate his proposal from others.


     - Advice on the structure and procedures of bid teams and their support in key areas such as risk management and quality assurance.


     - The production of technical and commercial specifications for Invitations to Tender


     - Definition of quantitative and qualitative criteria for the evaluation of tenders against a defined requirement.


     - Evaluation of submitted tenders against previously defined evaluation criteria

Procurement Support

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