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Risk Management is the process of controlling and minimising the risk of projects failing to reach their objectives. These objectives may be expressed in financial, performance, safety, delivery schedule or other terms. To be effective Risk Management must be closely integrated with overall project management and needs to be based on comprehensive risk assessment, including risk identification and analysis.


We have conducted Risk Assessment and Risk Management on a number of large military and civil projects, often using PRIM, our in-house developed Risk Management Support tool. The services we provide in this area include all aspects of risk identification, risk analysis and ongoing risk management, for projects of any size and complexity, for example:


     ° Support for major systems users for risk planning, assessment and analysis.


     ° Risk monitoring and assessment of proposals and contractors' risk reports


     ° Development of risk management procedures and standards.


     ° Detailed risk analysis and assessment of project activities and issues


     ° Managing and using risk register and analysis tools

Risk Management

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